yamaha tx 750

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Re: yamaha tx 750

Postby McSnotty » Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:11 am

Personally I think that it would be a shame to add any type of restriction to this forum. People have reasons (or excuses) for no or even late follow ups – and most being motorcyclists, even later replys. My workshop floor is littered with excuses waiting for repair, and perhaps lazyrockinhG is like me, has too many other jobs to do of a more important nature (you guys know – the ones on the list taped to the frig door from the wife.) And then there are the other reasons – lazyiness and rudeness. Lazyness is difficult to cure but rudeness isn't, and yet it seems to be getting worse. I submit replies on behalf of a club for queries on older motorcycles – some quite lengthy and time consuming, and yet I receive very little acknowledgement that it has even been received (the email 'read request ' is either ignored or cancelled). Sometimes the only way I know that that it was received is 8~9 months later that same person will come back with another question. Annoying? Yes. But it doesn't stop me wanting to help others who really do appreciate the assistance. Even when one person informed me that it was my 'duty' to help him otherwise his vintage motorcycle would not be safe to ride created some second thoughts about what I was doing, I realised that there some people out there who will always be users but it is not for me to judge them. I just answer their queries to the best of my ability, and then go play with my toys in my workshop. What about the 'users' who join just to get opinions on the price of their barnfind so they can flog it off at an exhorbitant price. This type annoyed me knowing that they are there to make money off what I may know, but knowing that they will never ride the bike and hopefully on sell it to somebody who will appreciate it and ride it overcomes that negative issue.
And then there are those visitors who take value from older replies through internet searches – who like the website, and join.

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Re: yamaha tx 750

Postby fido » Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:30 pm

To be fair this forum is barely alive anyway but this might not immediately be apparent to new members until they check over a few days for replies to their posts.
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