What no Velocette's?

Velocette broke records at Brooklands and won two TT races as well as developing features like spring frames and foot gear changes. The last racing motorcycles appeared in the early 1950s when the most popular Velocettes were small motorcycles with very quiet shaft drives.

Re: What no Velocette's?

Postby graffian » Sun Feb 20, 2011 5:01 am

I just realised I posted over a year ago about it and I still haven't put it back together. I was hoping it would have been done last march!

I was joking when I posted "should I replace it?"
The teeth are going to fall off and then it's going to break the layshaft and split the case, and probably take out any gears which
were usable. Well none of the gears were usable and the case had a split;-)
I looked at someones stash of used gears and most of them looked pretty bad. So rather than shell out [I was going to buy a sh box
when I saw how much all the gears were going to cost] on a secondhand box which will probably be fecked I bought all new gears!!!!!!!!!!

I still have a surprising amount to do. I was just rebuilding the motor but everything I look at has been bodged or is
worn. Only part that hasn't been apart so far are the girders and I will probably pull them apart when I have finished the back of the bike[just got the
guard to fix and paint].
But I am wondering if I should spray the frame and tank as the bike is almost completely apart?

I took the dynamo apart just before xmas, I was just taking it apart to re-thread the armature. Turned out the bearing casting was cracked.
New one turned out quite nice.
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