WTB, 1 HONDA CB 750, 1969 thru 1979, USA-TN area

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WTB, 1 HONDA CB 750, 1969 thru 1979, USA-TN area

Postby Revolverman » Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:28 pm

*USA-Tennessee area.*

I am looking for a HONDA CB 750, 1969 thru 1979 model.

All original or restored to look original is fine.

If you have one of these models in or around my area, please email me some pictures.

It has to have a title.

I want a good one. It does not have to be perfect, but needs to be all there and run well.

I don't mind normal age wear or dings and scratches, just as long as it is not beat to death.

I don't mind a few tears on seat, or even if I had to replace the seat with a copy is fine.

But........I would love to find one that runs very well and needs basically nothing, ready to ride.

It has to have all lights, turn signals etc. Speedometer, Tach and all electronics have to work well.

Please don't tell me it has wiring problems..........

I won't mention a price in this ad, so we can discuss that when we talk. I know there are lots of these out there in good to excellent condition, I would be happy to get one of these.

Please don't hesitate to email, even if you are not sure, all I will say is thanks, yes or no.

Thank you very much.

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