suggestion about new member rights on posting

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suggestion about new member rights on posting

Postby Welsh Wizard » Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:36 am

Following a thread in one of the forums, an idea has come up that may be advantageous to us all.
Not sure if admin can do some thing along the lines of way the thread has progressed.

quotes from the thread below.

Tman wrote:He's gone. Sad when there's no follow-up or feedback. I s'pose they post the same query all over the 'Net and hope someone helps out, but I'm starting to think it really ain't worth the wear on my keyboard to reply... :18

Welsh Wizard wrote:Same feeling here, makes you ask why bother even checking through the records to see if any help can be given , may even wait till I see 10 plus post from a new member before wasting any time looking.

Tman wrote:Yep, good idea.
I remember writing a screed about someone's problem with the 6.5" vs 6.75" Triumph front wheel spindle problems, looking up years and part numbers and the b*stard never even said thanks or whether it was sorted or not.
{Just venting really......if I know the answer I'll still post it....twat that I am.. u k fl ag }

Welsh Wizard wrote:I still think maybe it should be a forum rule that so many posts have to be made before they can post any thing except an intro, maybe 5 post before they can post questions

Maybe if such a condition was implemented in might help avoid the frustration of no response from the poster,
Or even maybe make it a condition that they have to post an intro before they can post anything else.
I know on a number of computer forums I used to frequent that you had to post at least 25 times to a thread already running before you could start a topic yourself.
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