Moto GP joins the rest ....

Moto GP joins the rest ....

Postby Stuart SS » Fri Apr 30, 2010 11:43 am

Moto Gp has really stepped up to the mark with a new U Tube link ..( WSB has the / a similar link as well !)

Excellent stuff..

The latest ~ After the Flag was a good interview with Edwards , Hayden and Spies included..

After the Flag from Losail

I could not help notice the absence of "Stacey " at the pre- event interviews for Jerez.. Seems Hayden is stepping up to be the front man .. ??? Perhaps Stacey is still sulking in his camper ~ after the Losail debacle..

"Grow up you &*^^*^ Wimp!!~ U sposed to be a rough tuff rugged Aussie !! " ( Bloody quik to stik in the boot are'nt 'we' fans eh !! monkey :64 )


(Where is my USA flag now!!!?? )
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