1947 Francis-Barnett

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1947 Francis-Barnett

Postby Brendan56 » Mon Aug 27, 2012 3:50 am

Hi, New member here: Sth. ONTARIO Canada, , & better with nuts, bolts & engines than computers.

Any Canadian (particularly) collectors interested in a 1947 (black), never touched, stock 'Powerbike', c/w 98cc Villiers de luxe junior engine (and it still runs!!!) ??
I have a Toronto, Ca., pawn ticket from 1950 when it's owner borrowed $100 (!!... Lotta money THEN) on it and then never redeemed it. No log book tho'.
This bike has been sitting for over half a century and is more or less as it came from the factory. A museum piece and I MIGHT sell it. Anyone any ideas on it's realistic value today? My normal ride is a Harley D., Heritage Softail; I just call her No.37 :209
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