Tony Collins painter. custom paint. BEWARE

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Tony Collins painter. custom paint. BEWARE

Postby impstan » Sun May 29, 2011 5:18 pm

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by impstan ยป Sun May 29, 2011 6:11 pm

I thought i would make you all aware of a Bike painter who joins various bike forums and then gets painting work then steals pieces (tanks, panels etc) or you get them back in a crap state etc. this thread from the Kawasaki kh forum but has done it lots of times and wants stopping. so be warned
Okay the point in this post....
Earlier this year a new poster Tony Collins (Sleazy Rider), trading as custom paint in Canterbury, arrived on the KH and S series forum. He said he was a painter and showed examples of what looked to be unquestionably good work, he was also cheap
I sent a paint set to him to be done for a 1974 S3. The panels I sent were original and had good decal placement and colour match potential. (picture below) The paint set was completed and I sent off the cash.
Alarm bells should have rung for me when I asked how things were coming along and after sending a solid set of side panels was told that one of the panels was beyond repair. Being a polite sort of chap I sent him a message saying that the panels I had sent were good and could he have mixed them up possibly. I received this spectacularly Arrogant reply
"No mate i dont mix things up they are still in your original paint
Its been useful for colour matching" Tues Jan 25 2011
The paint set arrived, on time and was done quickly so I could take the bike to the Stoneleigh Show, it was obvious that the decals were incorrectly placed. The right hand side was too high at the front, which did not match the set I had sent as a sample , but was acceptable. The left hand side was 20mm. higher at the front than the right and made the tank decals totally unacceptable.
As I had promised to take the bike to Stoneleigh I could not back out, so, I made sure that all pictures I posted of the bike were viewed from the acceptable side and at the show arranged to have the bike placed so that the left side was the least prominent. I did this purely to save his blushes
Before the show I contacted Tony Collins and made him aware of the problem and that the Tank would have to be re done. He agreed to do this.
Here is the original bike followed by the right then left sides
When I got back from The Show I contacted him and asked how he wished to proceed and if he needed the complete set back or just the tank, I also asked if he wanted a dimensioned picture to place the decals with his was his reply

"just the tank is fine i looked at it at the show and the way simon was gobbing off about it it was bad.
send a piccy then if its wrong it down to you TC " Tues Feb 8 2011

Sorry or I'll put it right couldn't be further from his mind and also he doesn't consider my complaint to be valid it seems
I sent off the tank and waited. I eventually contacted him and asked how the tank was coming along, I received the following reply on 4.3.11
"Its a total fuck up I cant match the colour i am going to have to do the whole set again"

I subsequently sent him the whole paint set, which he received on 11.3.11

Every time I rang him he gave me the impression that I was wasting his valuable time , and I have rarely been spoken down to in such a fashion.

Highlights from my many phone calls asking how things were progressing, include....

When I said it's okay if you can't match the red , do the bike in the blue that it also came in , don't get concerned over it; I received the reply "don't worry I'm not losing any sleep over it"
The best or worst was after 25 plus calls about the job , I rang and introduced myself and he had the bottle beggaring cheek to say "yes, and what can I do for you", as if we had never met!

In summary the paintwork when I finally received it is good not excellent, he has missed off the "mach II" decals from the side panels and the tank curiously had a handful of dry sand in it. He is most certainly not the best painter in the world as he likes to portray himself and his customer service is right up there with Basil Fawlty. The final product when finally delivered is good not excellent, the problem is that one can not deal with someone who treats every valid complaint as a personal insult.

So Caveat Emptor and beware the loudmouthed Braggard, who will take offence when you point out he is not the Messiah
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Re: Tony Collins painter. custom paint. BEWARE

Postby Tman » Sun May 29, 2011 9:24 pm

I seem to recall pics of green Kawa bits on here a while back, was that him or was that you?
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Re: Tony Collins painter. custom paint. BEWARE

Postby impstan » Mon May 30, 2011 8:30 am

It was a kawasaki paint job, but not mine im pleased to say. It was a fellow kh forum member and when he posted that several more came forward including one guy whos known of his exploits for years so i thought the more people who knew of him the better, he wants stopping
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Re: Tony Collins painter. custom paint. BEWARE

Postby Welsh Wizard » Mon May 30, 2011 11:52 am

I've removed it for the following reasons:

1) I'm not sure what the legal position is regarding having such postings on the forum;
2) It isn't verifiable;
3) The bloke has no opportunity to reply unless he is aware of the posting or we specifically invite him. Even then, there's a fair chance of it just turning into an argument/slanging match.

I'm not making any judgement either way on the content of the posting but I don't think it is appropriate to use this forum to slag the bloke off. If there is a legitimate complaint against him, then the poster of this topic has legitimate channels to sort it out.
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Re: Tony Collins painter. custom paint. BEWARE

Postby The Doctor » Tue May 31, 2011 9:20 pm

I agree with WW, we don't want to start a slagging match, it's already posted in the KH forum. We try and be impartial on, let's try and keep it that way!

As you say there are proper channels for complaints such as this.
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