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Re: Trident Special ~ Alive

Postby Welsh Wizard » Fri May 31, 2013 4:10 am

Tman wrote:Bad news from both of you then?

Sorry to hear it though. Think I'd give up the sex and drugs and rock and roll before I sold me bikes, but if it's your health at risk it's a pisser, no doubt. Still, at least you haven't gone all pink and fluffy and bought some piece of "but it's so reliable y'know.." Jap shit. u k fl ag

I might not be allowed to ride for 2 years but the only thing I am selling is Jap bikes and I got rid of the Crap MG classic, ( best move I ever made selling it.)

I may be passed 65 and been on pension for some time but I will be riding again, and if I am still around a 80 will still be fighting to keep my motorcycle on the road.

Newest bike I will have once I have sorted all the crap away will be the T160 and the oldest will be the B33 from the early 50's, unless I get the 1948 RE 500cc I have been eyeing up recently.
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