Ceriani front forks

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Ceriani front forks

Postby dommi88 » Thu Aug 20, 2009 7:43 pm

I want to replace the rubber gaitors on my '62 Norton 500 twin. The front forks are made by Ceriani but I have searched for months to try and find a procedure for dimantling the forks and servicing them. If anyone knows where I can pick up a manual or any info as to how the forks are taken apart ( safely that is) would really apreciate the help.
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Re: Ceriani front forks

Postby L.A.B. » Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:27 pm

Replacing the rubber gaiters should just be a matter of dropping the forks from the yokes?


Cerianis appear to come apart in the normal way, = by unscrewing the damper tube retaining screw in the bottom of the slider, which allows the stanchion and damper rod/tube to be pulled from the slider as an assembly, the seals are then removed after the stanchion has been withdrawn?

The damper rod may have to be prevented from rotating while the retaining screw is loosened, which is normally done by inserting a long holding tool into the top of the fork stanchion once the fork spring has been removed (sometimes the fork spring pressure alone may be enough to stop the damper tube rotating;-but that isn't always the case). The end of the holding tool will have to match the arrangement on the top of the damper tube, which could be a male or female hexagon, a slot, or some other specially shaped fitting?With the fork leg fully extended and no weight on it, unscrew the top nut. There will probably be a small amount of spring pressure pushing against the top nut, but not enough to worry about.

Rebuild in the reverse order.
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Re: Ceriani front forks

Postby dommi88 » Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:43 pm

Many thanks for the info, especially the exploded view, it's something I've searched for for ages. I'm no expert but from your description I think I should be able to have a go.
Cheers mate.
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