CB500T engine, big bore, as new crank, half race ca

CB500T engine, big bore, as new crank, half race ca

Postby HairyWolfhound » Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:25 pm

Finally decided to strip down a tuned CB500T engine I built up 15 years ago and only used for about 1000 miles after a gear selection problem.
It would do 115mph :grin: and still had good torque, although I didn't go overboard on the carburation and just used 32mm Mk2 Amals.

It has half race Phil Joy camshafts, Kawasaki 1100B2 +0.5mm 73mm pistons, possible the maximum without sleeving, which gives 542cc, a new crankshaft, which was £500 then and is still in perfect condition as are the camshafts, the pistons I would describe as being good condition as there is some wear on the skirts, but certainly lots of life still left in them.

It seemed a waste it sitting in my shed doing nothing, so I've decided to sell it all, in big lumps,

Cylinder head complete with camshafts and all.
Pistons and barrels
Crankshaft and bottom end, which I'd like to open up first to find the gear selection problem.

Do you think there would be anybody interested in this as the CB500T never had a very good reputation and what sort of price should I be selling for?
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Re: CB500T engine, big bore, as new crank, half race ca

Postby Tman » Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:38 pm

Wait until Ebay has a free listing day and stick it on there. You'll soon find out if anyone values it, but IMHO you'd do better to build it and sell it as a complete ready-to-use lump than lots of bits.
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