Which Yamaha Virago?

Which Yamaha Virago?

Postby HenryG » Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:33 am

Hello. I want to buy my first motorcycle, and as I said in the "Welcome" thread, I love the look of Japanese bikes. I almost decided on Yamaha Virago, but don't know which one yet. I will be getting it from here http://www.bikebuyersguide.ie/All-Used-Bikes-For-Sale-Ireland/Yamaha/Virago. So I am 1,80 tall, and this will be my first bike. I don't know if I should choose 535, or maybe 750, or even 1100? I will be riding with a passanger, so I guess bigger is better, but I'm a little afraid of power, because this will be my first bike. What do you think? :205
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Re: Which Yamaha Virago?

Postby Welsh Wizard » Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:14 pm

well first what are the learner laws in Ireland, are you allowed any size motorcycle to learn on, and are you allowed a pillion, if your are and size is not a limiting factor and this is your first bike you would be better staying below a 650cc just to get used to the handling, if you go to big and heavy it will end up with you taking longer to settle in and be fully comfortable on it, as a first bike you would be better of going for some thing that is cheap and reliable rather than Big expensive and really tidy looking, after a summers riding you would be in a better position to trade in if you require a larger bike.

when I started riding even a 650 was a large bike and many side car outfits were only 500cc singles at the weekend and then had there side car removed for commuting back and for to work during the week.
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Re: Which Yamaha Virago?

Postby MOUSE » Thu Apr 14, 2011 6:59 am

Smaller bike better for learner, they come in 250 as well i think, 500 reviews well.
If you upgrade i can recommend the XV 750. Mate of mine had one and did incredible k's on it round the clock a few times with no problems, good cruiser bike. Only inbred annoyance with Virago and XV is the starter noise, this can be fixed adding a washer into the motor (refer to any Virago - XV forums for fix).
He sold the 750 and got an 1100 Virago , didn't like it as much as the XV, it had a few problems with intakes/tuning, and not as agile as the 750.

Power required in my opinion is enough to keep you at road speed and have some extra to pass vehicles ahead safely with or without a pillion, likely 350 - 500 is good ballpark for a learner depends on the rate of horsepower the engine gives out.

If you are a learner and taking a pillion on board be very very careful until you gain experience with a back load (not only your life in your hands), and the back load needs to know how to ride as a pillion ( they can tip you off easily if inexperienced).
XV Virago reasonably good pillion bike with the low seat.

Whatever bike you decide on ride within your capabilities, and enjoy.
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Re: Which Yamaha Virago?

Postby HenryG » Thu Apr 14, 2011 7:13 am

Ok, thanks. Will surely take this into consideration when finally deciding on a bike.
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Re: Which Yamaha Virago?

Postby RiceBiker » Sat Mar 14, 2015 10:11 am


This one has a nice kick to it.
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