Home plating kits

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Home plating kits

Postby Allanfox » Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:31 pm

Has anyone got any experience of these things? I can see many different ones from £50 to £150 and up, might get one for plating all the little bits I don't want to lose!

I know Stuart has some good experience and has spent time on it but was wondering if anyone had bought a kit in the UK and found it to be good/crap (delete as approriate)

Any ideas?
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Re: Home plating kits

Postby Welsh Wizard » Tue Dec 15, 2009 6:01 am

Had a kit in the UK in the 70's that ran off a battery, easy mod and it worked well of a battery charger, but it really scored with Nickel plating , not much good for copper or Chrome, Found it advertised in the Trade and Exchange or classic Bike not sure which now.

BTW avoid those cheap brush on chrome kits if they are still on sale in the UK
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Re: Home plating kits

Postby GBC » Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:10 pm

Chrome spray paint :68 purrrrfect for Cubbie's little chrome bits.

Be interested to hear the serious answers as I quite fancy getting a kit for little bits and pieces.
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Re: Home plating kits

Postby Graham B » Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:40 pm

I bought a Dynic bright nickel plating kit in the late '80s and have used it on the 3TA and Starfire to plate all the parts that you can't get in stainless or that are too expensive. Have also plated some of the upper engine fasteners on the Daytona with it. The nickel plates are approx 1/2 worn out after all that lot.

To do it right, it is a massively long and time consuming process but the results are amazing and long lasting. The 3TA was done 20 years ago and the nickel plate still looks almost perfect. The Starfire 10 years ago and still perfect. A couple of items didn't hold the plate very well - 3TA cylinder head bolts and r0cker spindle ends.

Front tls brake plate arms, swingarm spindle nut, rear wheel spindle nut and spindle end, speedo gbox cotton reel spacer, rear wheel adjusters were some of the parts I plated.

I bought their abrasives/polishing kit at the same time. The plated surface is only as good as the preparation you do and that's what takes the time. The polishing is messy and unless you have a properly supported polishing wheel (bearings either side) you will have to sacrifice an electric drill to power the polishing/abrasive wheel. The electric drill is held in a vice and lots of pressure exerted on the polishing wheel so the drill's bearings will get worn out.
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