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More Animals

Postby Stuart SS » Sat Jul 04, 2009 11:39 pm

Following on form the reference to Amals ~ It amazes me just how fickle these things can be ~

After tinkering with them since the 1960s I figure I have a finger or three on them ~ but then they will always stump you ~

I have even posted features on them .. (Jerry Doe ) and even that article now seems lacking my own perspective ~

I am generally meticulous ~ 'planing' on glass with wet and dry ~ or even valve paste to achieve that perfect surface..

And I figure I have sorted the Commando ~ but last weekend I was bailed up on a road works and when I finally got past that, riding soem ten Kilometres I rode into the next town and as I came up to a round about and it simply stalled ~ and was averse to restarting with ease..

The weather was extremely hot for a Winters day ... around 30 deg C ~ which is a new high for Winter ~ But still~ So in addition to working on the Trident I will have to squeeze in a tune up ~ ( I have an auto timing chain, Boyer ~ new battery and Stainless slides ~ and rewired points housing cable ~ :52

Normally the biek runs superbly ~
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