Scam Harley Davidson Advertisement

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Scam Harley Davidson Advertisement

Postby humphrey » Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:15 am

The add currently on the top of the bikes for sale section is a fraud, I have seen this type of add at least 7 times over the past year, it always says the same thing and reads something like must sell fast as I am in the forces and being shipped to Afghanistan or similar and ends saying the bike will be shipped to you by military transport !!
The next stage is paying for the bike and then the bike isnt where it was at in the add now its somewhere else and payment is to his son in Italy !!! payment is through ebay ( Fake ebay ) and states that its peace of mind doing it this way, or by western union etc etc, These people really need to be caught and have their balls twisted off and given a serious beating.
Please beware of such adds, if you dont believe me try replying to the add and see,
Here' s hoping it will be reomoved before someone gets ripped off.
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