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Postby paulsheppard » Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:10 am

Been looking for someone to do some chroming for a long time, nobody wants to know bike parts, finally found company in Pyle South Wales called Brynol Chrome Ltd, took wheel rim, mudguard and other small parts, will post again about quality when i get them back.
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Re: Chrome

Postby Welsh Wizard » Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:14 pm

Plenty of places will do Chrome , but it also depends on how close to where you live, if you look in Classic Motorcycle or classic bike you should find a few that are very much into bike parts, ( BTW good chrome depends on the prep work the better the finish on the part before you send it to chrome the better the chrome looks)

It also depends on cost, there is the cheap way just chrome or the old way copper, nickle, then chrome.

And finally it depends on what year the part is from as some early motorcycles were not chromed but only nickle plated.
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