boyer ignition problems

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boyer ignition problems

Postby bsapete » Tue Mar 03, 2015 10:00 pm

Hey guys just joined. My name is Bsapete and im riding a 1971 650 lightning. Got some problems with electronic ignition. I previously started getting A/c at the battery so replaced the twin lead single phase alternator. I was pretty sure that the boyer ignition was damaged so I replaced it also. I also assumed that the rectifier/capacitor unit would be faulty so I decided to replace that with a boyer power box. Wiring the power box in was just a matter of connecting to the same leads from the previuos unit. Now that Ive made new earth straps ( to head and frame) new ignition switch new connections throughout she fires instantly and is charging nicely at the battery. But when the engine is run at revs it starts to break down until it shuts down the power box completely. Because it stores power as well as regulates have I done something wrong here? Do some wiring looms have a resistor in them?
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Re: boyer ignition problems

Postby Tman » Fri Mar 13, 2015 9:37 pm

You need to go over every wiring connection you've made, because something's very wrong. If it runs OK when the battery isn't being charged (ie below maybe 1800-2000rpm) but breaks down above that figure it sounds like the battery/reg is somehow being shorted out when the reg starts to pass a charging current.
Prove it by disconnecting the alt etc and jumping a wire from the battery to the ignition switch just to get the engine running...and see if it revs OK then.
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