A10an650 gold flash motor

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A10an650 gold flash motor

Postby Chopp » Wed Feb 25, 2015 8:49 pm

Hi all chopp here from north west!! :20 I've jus bought A7 rolling chassis and A10 motor in absolute bitz!! Stripped down like u wouldn't believe I've built few engines in past so not complete dummy :207 need sequence to puttin motor back as was. luckily gear box not been stripped!! Sussd out how to put kick start and speedo case on but got loads of cogs and bitz left to go in casings half dry built at min dry (no gaskets) got crank an first casing con rods (5) think I got rogue bit there defo got 2 long 2short 3 pistons!! u k fl ag seems to be all there though plus few bitz of summat else got load of pics if any one interested !! :4 also on a Q plate I've found frame and engine numbers where do I go from here u k fl ag any help appreciated CHOPP :roll: bloody spell checker!! Got all engine casings plus loads of springy coggey things :geek:
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